# Decimal сonsole

** Console ** is a universal tool that allows you to safely store, transfer, buy and delegate coins of the Decimal network. Like other products from the Decimal development team, the Console source code is open[1].


1 Console Features
2 Wallet
3 Conversion
4 Checks
5 Delegation
6 Masternode
7 Coins issuing
8 Broadcast
9 Account
10 Additional menu
11 Localization
12 Notes

# Console Features

  • Sending coins
  • Coin conversion
  • Creation and activation of checks
  • Coin delegation
  • Creating a masternode
  • Coin issuing
  • Generation and signing of offline transactions

# Wallet

The wallet displays the address and balance in DEL. Also here are all your Decimal network coins and their balances.

Through the wallet, you can send coins, as well as see all the transactions you have completed on the network (transaction block, timestamp, sender, type and number of coins).

# Conversion

Here you can buy or sell any coin created on the Decimal network.

# Checks

You can create or cash an existing check through this tab. Allows you to create a check to any network user, as well as redeem a check and get coins mentioned in the check. To activate a check, you need to know its password.

# Delegation

The delegation of coins to the Validator ensures stable operating of the network and allows you to receive income (Reward), depending on the size of the stake. In this section of the console, you can send coins for delegation, recall them from the masternode (re-delegate), and configure and start automatic delegation for both online and offline modes.

# Masternode

A section of the console where you can create and run your own masternode. Allows you to declare a masternode, run it on the network and edit data about it. By editing, you can change the address for accruals or the address of the owner of the masternode. If necessary, you can also turn off the masternode from here.

# Coins issuing

On the Decimal network, anyone can create their own coin. Fill in all the fields and click the "Create" button. A fee is charged for creating a coin, which depends on the number of characters in its name.

# Broadcast

In this section, you can get the "nonce" parameter, which you need to generate a new transaction on an offline device. From here, you can send a signed transaction that was generated on an offline device.

# Account

The account tab contains information about your wallet - its address and seed phrase for access.

# Additional menu

In addition to the main menu, the console contains links to information services about the network and program code for developers.

  • Status - information on the main indicators of the network (the number of coins created, blocks, transactions, validators, commissions, total issue of coins);
  • API - API for developers;
  • Calculator - Decimal calculator, where you can pre-calculate the indicators for your coin, depending on the specified parameters.
  • Explorer - a tool for observing the blockchain on it's performance (blocks, transactions, addresses, delegation rewards, etc.).
  • SDK - SDK for developers.
  • Help / FAQ - a page that contains frequently asked questions and answers about the Decimal network.

# Localization

The Decimal console is available in Russian and English. The language can be switched in the upper left corner.