# Decimal Explorer

Decimal Explorer is one of the basic Decimal blockchain services. It represents information from chain blocks and other general information on the network status in the form of graphics and text information.

It's located at https://explorer.decimalchain.com/ You can also go to it from the [Console] (https://console.decimalchain.com) using the corresponding link in the Additional menu.


1 Explorer main window
2 Search box
    2.1 Wallet Overview on Explorer
    2.2 Transaction Overview on Explorer
    2.3 Block Overview on Explorer
    2.4 Validator Overview on Explorer

# Explorer main window

Consists of several information blocks:

  • Mainnet and Testnet tabs, displaying, respectively, the information of the Decimal mainnet or testnet
  • Search box (find below)
  • A block with general information on Decimal, including:
    • Market Cap - the total capitalization of the Decimal network. This is the amount of DEL coins issued multiplied by the current value in US dollars
    • Price for DEL - weighted average price from DBank
    • Last Block - last block number or blockchain height
    • Time between last and penultimate blocks
    • TRANSACTIONS - the number of transactions completed in the Decimal network
    • Average number of transactions per 1 second
  • A graph showing the number of transactions within the last week. ATTENTION! For the current day, the data have an incomplete form, since the day has not yet ended.
  • List of blocks. Displays the latest signed blocks with brief information. By clicking on the block, the block overview window opens
  • Transaction list. Displays the most recently completed transactions in the Decimal network with brief information. By clicking on the transaction hash, the transaction overview window opens.
  • At the bottom there is an Additional panel with links to common information resources on the Decimal blockchain

Explorer allows you to find information from the blockchain:

with the wallet address starting from Dx ...
with transaction hash starting from Dt ...
with block number, any positive integer
with public key starting from Dp ...

# Explorer wallet overview

After entering the wallet address in the search box, the following window opens:

Here we can see the following information:

  • Adress - address of the selected wallet
  • Balance - wallet balance for each coin of the Decimal network
  • #Transactions - the number of transactions completed for this address
  • List of operations divided into 4 tabs
    • TRANSACTIONS - a list of transactions on sending or receiving coins on the network. Displays: Transaction Hash, Block Number, Transaction Date, Transaction Type, and Coin Volume
    • STAKES - displays the volume of shares delegated to nodes with the name of the custom coin, the public address of the node and the volume of coins
    • REWARDS - shows the rewards from delegation. In the list: Date of receipt, Block number, Type of reward, Validator public key and amount of reward in coins
    • SLASHES - if your funds delegated to validator are subject to a fine, then all information about the lost funds will be on this tab.

At the bottom of the page a schedule of payments of rewards to the selected address is shown

# Transaction Overview in Explorer

After typing in the transaction hash into the search box, the following window opens:

Here we can see the following information:

  • Hash - transaction hash
  • Timestamp - Exact transaction time
  • Status - Transaction status: completed or rejected
  • Block - block number in which transaction information is recorded
  • Type - type of transaction, for example, Send (send) or Delegate (delegation)
  • From - To - addresses in the Decimal network between which the transaction was conducted
  • Amount - Coin and volume per transaction
  • Fee - Decimal network commission
  • Nonce - unique outgoing transaction number. Used to prevent re-execution
  • Message - message attached to the transaction

# Explorer block overview

After typing in the block number in the search box (from 0 to the last existing number), the following window opens:

Here we can see the following information:

  • Height - block number (blockchain height)
  • Timestamp - The exact time the block was written to the chain
  • Hash - hash of a record of a block of the form Dh ...
  • Size - block size in bytes
  • Rewards - basic block reward
  • #Transactions - the number of transactions in the block
  • #Validators - the number of validators who signed the block

Below there is a list of transactions from the selected block and a list of validators with a note about the signature of the block.

# Explorer Validator Overview

After typing in the Validator�s public key in the search box, the following window opens:

Here we can see the following information:

  • Public Key - Validator's public key
  • Status- validator status
  • Total Stake - The total size of the share in DEL
  • Voting Power - power when voting
  • #Delegators - number of delegators
  • #Transaction - the number of transactions made through this public key

Below there is a complete list of transactions for the selected public key and a list of all the stakes delegated to this validator.